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However, this requires that I know the object ID and I would like to be able to just use a lat/lon to trigger this click. log ('map click event'); var marker = L.

Finally the homeMarker is to added to our map.

Vue provides aliases for the most commonly used keys:.

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My code var stops = JSON.

. leaflet (data,options = leafletOptions (doubleClickZoom= FALSE)) %>%. 8.

on('mouseover', function(e){ marker. Name in the geojson) to Vue, to redirect her to.


Finally the homeMarker is to added to our map.

I'd like to open a popup at the clicked location and I don't. Dec 4, 2015 · I am using Leaflet in order to render a map.

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Jun 7, 2017 · Vue2 component that helps with leaflet interaction.



This post will cover the basics of interactive maps using Vue. yahoo. logrocket.

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Sep 9, 2018 · I use Vue2Leaflet with its vue-choropleth plugin to display information from a geojson linked to some data, in an infowindow.

. The Vue Button `click` Event.

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getLatLng()); }.



Prop name Description Type Values Default; pane: string-'markerPane' attribution: string-null: name: string-undefined: layerType: string-undefined: visible: boolean.