Use a larger paperclip if you want to make a stand for a larger device such as a tablet.

Instead of dumping more paper cups into the environment, use them to create a functional DIY phone holder around the house.

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Supplies to Make a DIY Telephone.


How to make Cardboard telephone. . .

Find a water or plastic bottle with a good curvature and cut a 25mm diameter circle out using scissors.

Lets make an old Telephone from cardboardThanks for Watching the Video and SUBSCRIBE for more Videos*** Follow Me On FaceBook *** https://www. com/mini_wings_yt/(Telegram)https://t. Create a medium-sized hole on the side of two, slot the third cup between the two cups, and voila!.

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Use your hands or a pair of snub-nosed pliers to bend the.

This is a pretty simple process and is a good beginner DIY project.

Smooth cement around the inside and attach a sturdy. info.

. To start, cut a 3-armed star out of foam board and glue it onto a piece of paper.

cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the back just a little shorter.

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You probably have cooler phones than I do, so just make your cardboard phone the appropriate shape for phones in your household. Score it down the centre, fold it in half, cut out the stand. If you've made it correctly, you should hear your friend speak, even if it is a long piece of string.

It is a really cool phone holder for a modern house or office. DIY Cardboard Mobile Stand I'm making a simple mobile stand out of cardboard. Straighten out the paperclip as much as possible. Uses of Cardboard Mobile. Here's a tip that most sites.


Step 5: Prepare the Other Half. class=" fc-falcon">How to make Cardboard telephone.

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And most important, no batteries are needed! just the kid’s imagination! Also wonderful as a telephone in the play toy shop.



You need around 6 wine corks as the base and the holder.