And while the restaurant wasn't initially fond of the off putting name, it eventually embraced the nickname Rochester's residents gave it and trademarked Garbage Plate in 1992.


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During the 1980s, local college students started the trend of calling the Hot and Potatoes dish a garbage plate. Cheers, Roch. Scott Lynch.

SportsCenter did a garbage plate feature, Jeff Van Gundy (Brockport HS, Nazareth College, my mom's alma mater) made a Wegmans reference during an NBA broadcast.

The flavors came together but I thought their sweet potato was too dry and carroty tasting and their chicken was a little too salty. Alex Tahou, Nick’s son, has infused the place with a generous spirit. .

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May 22, 2023 · Nick Tahou Sign (CC BY-SA 2. Despite many regional variants all based on the same theme, Nick's is widely regarded as the original Garbage Plate.

But the Rochester NY garbage plate is a large part of what it means to be a Rochesterian. The creator of the iconic garbage plate reminded Rochesterians that it’s still in business Thursday morning after a local YouTube star, Andrew Rea, said otherwise during an appearance on national TV.

The garbage plate is a local feat of ingenuity that stems from the greater Rochester area of upstate New York, located about 70 miles east of Buffalo and situated upon the winding Genesee River.

. . Visitors will also find other versions of this dish (and variations on it) on menus all over the Rochester area.

SUBSCRIBE: $1 for 6 months. . Find different versions of the famous Rochester plate at local spots including: Nick Tahou Hots (home of the Original Garbage Plate), Bill Gray’s (various locations), Dog Town Hots, Jeremiah’s Tavern, Genesee Brew House, the Gate House, Marshall Street Bar & Grill, Stingray Fusion (Sushi plate), Red Fern (Compost Plate/vegan), Effortless. RT @GolfonCBS: This food may be garbage, but it's certainly not trash 🍽😂 While in Rochester for the #PGAChamp, @hallylead had to stop by and try the "garbage plate" at @Nick_Tahou_Hots. Hours Of Operation: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm ( Closed on Mondays and Sundays) Price Range: $. .

Foodies can thank Alex Tahou for inventing the Garbage Plate, which goes back to 1918! The restaurant's name, "Nick Tahou Hots," was named after Alex's son.

RT @Mike_MacAdam: Proud of my hometown Rochester NY hosting the PGA Championship this week. The Rochester Lilac Festival has also become a food festival, with more than 50 vendors in all ― from festival staples like cotton candy and turkey legs to healthful wraps and.

Feb 28, 2022 · Address: 320 W.

during a brief break in the action, Rochester’s culinary claim to fame made a brief appearance, when the broadcast aired footage of a Garbage Plate being assembled at Nick.

I got their healthy garbage plate at the Rochester food truck rodeo.

Your neighborhood hots joint may differ.